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- Packing Tape
- Furniture Pads
- Packaging Peanuts
- Wrapping Paper
- Bubble Wrap
- Mattress Bags

Visit a self storage location near you in the Seattle area for discounted moving and packing supplies. Whether you are moving, storing, or shipping items, we offer a wide variety of materials to serve your needs:
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We stock many different sizes of moving boxes at a discounted rate at all of our self storages throughout the Seattle and surrounding areas. Whether you need small moving boxes for your heavier items, or large and extra large moving boxes for your light and bulky items, we have what you need in the King, Snohomish, and Kitsap Counties.

We provide all the packing and moving materials for your apartment and housing moves. We have small, medium, and large boxes as well as file and banker boxes for your business needs in the Seattle and surrounding areas. If you store at any one of our storages, you can also take advantage of our Free Move-in Truck to help you move your boxes and furniture. We are here to help you save money on all your moving needs whether you are looking for supplies to pack with or a self storage unit to put your stuff, or both.

Our assortment of moving boxes and moving supplies in the Seattle and surrounding area includes items such as: Wide variety of box sizes, bubble wrap and rolls, packing tape, furniture pads, packing peanuts, mattress bags, and more. Whether you are moving out of your studio apartment in downtown Seattle or five bedroom house in Marysville, we have all the supplies you need.

Our variety of boxes and supplies is also great for packing and shipping items. All of our protective materials to help your items stay unbroken while traveling are cheaper than buying from the post office and other packing stores. Our competitive prices make us the obvious option for all your packing and shipping needs in Seattle, Everett, Woodinville, Bothell, Mill Creek, Marysville, Arlington, Silverdale, Kent, Redmond, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Remember when you are shopping for boxes and moving supplies:

-Make sure not to pay full price when you can get a discount at our storage facilities
-Get small boxes for your heavy items and large boxes for your lighter items
-Write a list of items you will be packing to get the right packaging protection items
-Utilize our self storage experts and ask them how to best pack your items

Discounted Moving Supplies in Northwest Washington
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